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Tutor-web (Education in a Suitcase) presentation by Mwalimu Digital Kamau and Dr. Evelyn Njurai at our conference room.
Kongoni Library Book Club team presentation guided by Mrs Mwanga and Mdm L. Tuwei of St. Catherine Girls Kesses
Our Maths Club team doing maths drills using tablets donated to us courtesy of Tutor Web.

Due to the effects of Covid-19 on our community and also due to the change in our education system, we have had a good number of students at home for a long time waiting to go back to school.  This has provoked us to come up with programs that have kept them engaged physically, mentally, and academically.    Such programs include Book Club, Computer Club, Debating Club, Maths Club, Baseball, French classes, Fine Arts, Music and Dance, Storytelling, Indoor Games among many others.  The surrounding schools are greatly benefiting from these programs.

We are grateful to our partners who have believed in us to support us with the running of these programs: Education Above All, Education In  A Suitcase, SAIDE, EduTab Africa, IC4, and many others.

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