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FS Kongoni Sec. Sch teacher Mr. Ochango handing over a solar lighting system to a student who comes from a vulnerable family
Handing over Covid-19 donations

Our recreation and resource centre is built on a strong foundation of caring for the vulnerable in society.  During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have been involved with visiting families that are hard hit with poverty and supporting them through the giving from our friends and partners.  We are so grateful to all who have been supporting us through their generous giving to enable us to achieve this goal.

Every year we receive a consignment of books and medical equipment from our partners – AFK – American Friends of Kenya.  This equipment include walking aids for the physically challenged and many others.

Sylvia Mmboga is a Form 3 student at FS Kongoni Sec, School.  She comes from a very vulnerable family but she has beaten the odds by being one of the top 3 students in their class.   Her family has been struggling to buy paraffin for lighting.  When my team highlighted the plight of this girl, one of the school teachers, Mr. Ochango, jumped in and purchased for her a solar lighting gadget that is going to be of great help to her and her family.

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