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Message from the Director of Operations

Elphas Ongong’o – Director of Operations

It started as a dream when I first met a couple from Florida USA, Tom and Jean Penny who visited Kenya on holiday in 2006.   When they traveled back to the US, they sent a parcel with money and other items that were to be delivered to a Masai elder in Amboseli National Park.  When they received feedback that the delivery was done successfully,  they put all their trust in me and started engaging me to organize all their subsequent trips to Kenya.  This followed with an introduction to the American Friends of Kenya (AFK) team who immediately took me as their Kakamega County Network Representative.  It is the supplies that I started receiving from AFK that gave me the confidence to set up the library.

My passion to set up the CBO as a ladder to serve the community effectively came about from the high profile clients I was entrusted with to handle and accompany as the Customer Service Executive to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, such as: In 2006 – Mr. Raymond G. Chambers family who is a philanthropist and humanitarian who currently serves as the World Health Organization Ambassador for Global Strategy. In 2007 – Millennium Promise main donor team to Tanzania and many other top-class clients traveling to this part of the world.

It has been a journey of dreams and I cannot thank our partners and friends enough for walking this journey with us, sacrificed their time and valuable resources to support us to get where we are. Special mention goes to Jean T. Penny aka Mama Safi, Mr Wayne Silver, Mr Michael and Karen Schley and Mr Gary and Sheila Muldoon, to name but a few.

We already have a chain of success stories to tell from the time we opened the library to the public.  We thank all who believe in us and have started working with us to impact the community.  This project is not limited to benefit the Kongoni community alone but the country and the world at large.

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