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Rt. Rev. Joseph Obanyi, Bishop of Kakamega, admiring our Dream Garden

What is in a name? Kongoni is the name of an antelope also known as Hartebeest. This was a colonial settlement scheme area and it was inhabited by wild animals.  The white settlers who were staying here were interested mostly in hunting for this antelope.  That is why the place was named after it.  Kongoni is sandwiched between two trading centers also named after wild animals (Furfaro for Buffalo and Nangili for Ngiri Swahili name for a Warthog).

About Kongoni location:

Kongoni is located in Kakamega County, Likuyani Sub-County, Kongoni Ward. Likuyani Sub-County has a population of about 125,137 people, covering an area of approximately 301.90 Sq. Kms. and 5 administration wards namely: Kongoni, Likuyani, Sango, Nzoia, and Sinoko.

Kongoni Community Library is strategically located at Kongoni Center, at the Likuyani Sub-County Headquarters, Kakamega County, along the highway between 2 major towns of Eldoret Town (Uasin Gishu County) and Kitale Town (Trans Nzoia County).  Kongoni Centre hosts the following sub-county offices:

  1. Education: Sub-County Education Office
  2. Administration: Deputy County Commissioner and Sub-County Administrator
  3. Farming: Sub-County offices in Agriculture, Livestock, and Veterinary.
  4. Water, Environment, and Natural Resources
  5. Health: Kongoni Health Centre

The library is surrounded by the following public schools in Kongoni Ward: 10 primary schools namely Kosoki, St. Teresa, St. Martin Luyekhe, Kisigame, Mirembe, Kongoni, Matunda, Nangili, Mkunga, and Pambazuko with a population of more than 5,500 pupils and 8 secondary schools namely: Kisigame,  St. Teresa, Mirembe, Kongoni, Matunda, Nangili, Nasianda, St. Augustine Soy Sambu. There is also Sikulu Polytechnic and Kongoni Technical Training Institute.

The library is also surrounded by more than 10 different places of worship (churches).  The library is working very closely with the church leadership as their partner.

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