We need your help!

Support and Volunteer Services

Mr. Mark Cain and his family at Oloile Secondary School

Areas we need support and where one can offer volunteer service:

-Health: Provide reliable, efficient, and quality health care resources

-Provision of clean and reliable water – Request for the sinking of a borehole.

– Entrepreneurship and Life skills

– There is a need for knowledge on the multiplication of food production

– Participation in strengthening education standards with new reading and learning skills.

– Computers and IT skills for the children to interact with and explore new technology.  This will give them confidence and a platform to express themselves better.

– Strengthening scouting movement in the region as we feel our youth will benefit if they adhere to the commitment of this movement:  to contribute in preparing free, supportive, responsible, and committed citizens who are needed to build a better Kenya.

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